Natural Gas Engines

WWI engines feature advanced engineering and reliable operation with emissions compliance to China III, China, IV or China V standards. The current engines are widely used in city bus, coach, and heavy-duty truck applications in China or exported to other regions globally. For future product development, Westport has advanced its injector technology to be adaptable to Weichai’s engine platforms and reduced the cost of key components.

WWI continues to experience strong growth in its initial natural gas engine business and anticipates numerous opportunities for an expanding partnership into new target markets.

Weichai Westport WP12NG


11.596 L
330–380 hp (243–280 kW)
996–1,106 lb-ft (1,350–1,500 N·m)
Weichai Westport WP10NG


9.726 L
260–300 hp (191–220 kW)
723–907 lb-ft (980–1,230 N·m)
Weichai Westport WP7NG


7.14 L
210–260 hp (155–191 kW)
627–723 lb-ft (850–980 N·m)
Weichai Westport WP6NG


6.75 L
210–240 hp (155–177 kW)
502–575 lb-ft (680–780 N·m)
Weichai Westport WP5NG


4.76 L
165–180 hp (121–132 kW)
413–442 lb-ft (560–600 N·m)